In nature, all flowers, plants and shapes have their purpose and function.

The first flower in the Valona Florana series is the noble and wonderful Lily. Its opening petals serve as a resting place for insects, its intoxicating smell enchanting the passerby.


Lily earrings also have the same magic. Their delicate petal shapes are lily-like, but at the same time graphically interesting. 


Birch plywood jewelry is light as a feather.

Wooden parts are completely made of certified and responsibly produced Finnish birch plywood.

Blue-colored lilies have been safely dyed using Valona's own dyeing technique, which makes the crane of the tree stand out even through the dark color beautifully. The hooks on the earrings are silver. Silicone plugs are also included.


The earrings were designed by designer Elina Mäntylä.

Made in Finland.


Measurements: height from the hook approx. 1.59"

                                 width approx. 1.38"

VALONA Lily earrings blue