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About us

Caring about our environment is important to every person. That’s why FinnPeaks brings in products that are eco-friendly. Our bags are made of recycled plastic bottles.  Prints are made of pure white, strong, paper from responsible sources (FSC) and environment-friendly eco-solvent inks. Textiles offered are 100% organic linen.
Forests are very important contributors to the environment of the earth. They are not just a habitat for wild life but help in cleaning the air from harmful pollutants prevent soil erosion and contribute to the cloud seed formation. Forests are the main platform for the existence of an ecological system that not only houses it but actually sustains it.
One of the greatest threats to the environment is the generation of a large amount of plastic waste every day. It poses a threat not just to the aquatic life but also due to the fact that most of them are not biodegradable the fertility of the soil is impacted. Burning of plastic waste is not advisable as well due to the emission of harmful Dioxins that are emitted. The best way to manage the plastic waste is to recycle them. Plastic waste is collected and recycled to make new plastic products or incorporated into other products. 

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Johanna Niemela



FinnPeaks is an import company bringing the Finnish culture to the world. Starting in 2018, we grew from two brands providing 34 products to our customers. Currently, we offer five brands showcasing over 105 products ranging from art décor and jewelry to home and garden goods to textiles. FinnPeaks goal is to share the minimalistic and sustainable approach of little-known brands, designers and small companies of Finland to gain exposure with every culture.


Growing up in Finland, I was surrounded by Finnish designs in everyday life. I didn't realize I took the Finnish lifestyle for granted until I moved to the United States. Being surrounded in a mixing pot of vastly different influences like music, landscape, arts, even new languages made me realize how precious my homeland culture was to me. I wanted to share my Finnish background with the world and to show everyone how beautiful Finland is. You can see Finnish beauty in aspects of all products we offer. I hope you enjoy our culture as much as I do.

"There’s always space for a piece of Finnish culture in every home."