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Design Palet brand was created in 2010 for response to stress and harmful mass production in textile industry. These days we have lost touch with nature by hectic and stressful lifestyle, so I aim to bring the nature a little bit closer for everyday life. 
As a designer I want to take responsible of production and functional design. By using local production, I save the environment and I can be sure that the production is responsible.
Mindfulness, well-being and relaxation are the keywords for Lumo Collection. Lumo means enchantment in Finnish, also resembles the words nature forms (luonnon muodot) and ecological (luomu). I searched inspirations to Lumo collection from Central Finland woods, from my family roots where I love to take forest baths in the peaceful and clean wild forest.
All of the products are responsibly handmade in Finland with carefully selected sustainable materials. I sew all textiles in small batches in my home studio and birch veneer products are manufactured responsibly in Central Finland.

‘I design for longevity – rather than following trends, our products will fit in your life for many years to come. Get inspired to make a cozy relaxing spot with our comfortable forest themed pillows. Enjoy and relax with a good conscience!’
-Kirsi Niemela, owner/designer
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