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Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy is founded in 2015. Vilikkala is a small idyllic village in south Finland and represents the location and way of life, where country living means opportunities for prosperous life. Leading idea of our company is to offer our customers multipurpose, eco-friendly felt bags. “Kotisäkki” is a registered trademarks of Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy.


Nenni & Friends was founded in 2018 in Seinäjoki, in the Southern Ostrobotnia region of Finland. Nenni’s mom Jenni Kurki is an artist and a perfectionist with a profound love for all things cute. Her mission is to spread happiness through her work. We all need a little bit more cuteness and happiness in our lives she claims.  As a side product, Jenni’s paper animals have also been photographed as postcards and posters.

Be&liv was established in Helsinki, Finland in 2012. The aim is to bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully engineered design products. Every detail is thought-through to offer the
highest quality contemporary design.

Be&liv is combining contemporary Scandinavian Design with
Southern European elegance. Creating a new European design language mixing the best of both worlds

”It was the large ears of a hare that first inspired me to start my series of watercolor wildlife paintings. I had never painted animals before, but one day I saw a picture. It was a brown hare – and the ears were just so intriguing. I knew the ears especially would be amazing in watercolor. Since then it was clear, that I should make a series of wildlife paintings.


And, although I never imagined to become an entrepreneur, it happened that I started my print business. Later I painted a series of delicate depictions of the fragile local flora, and paintings depicting the landscape of the North.”