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Nenni was born on a cold winter’s day in the kitchen of a traditional townhome in Finland. Nenni’s mom was crumpling pieces of paper into shapes. One crumpled piece after the other, the pile of small misshapen paper balls grew on the kitchen table and after several hours of crumpling, recrumpling and arranging she had a little bunny sitting on her hand, a paper mache bunny. The bunny was then painted with one layer of paint followed by second and third layers. To make her perfect Nenni’s mom painted the tiny rabbit a face and dressed her in paper clothing.
Nenni’s mom was looking at the little rabbit as she was trying to come up with a name for her little bunny. She found her thoughts started wandering off into her own childhood… “Nenni!!!!” yelled her baby brother after he had tripped on the rug. The little boy was upset as he continued; “Nenni’s fault! It’s Nenni’s fault that I fell” said the little boy. She smiled at the old memory of her baby brother. Over the years Nenni had become Jenni as her brother grew, but the memory of Nenni kept living on in family stories and her memories. And there it was; “Nenni! It had to be Nenni!” The name of her paper bunny had to be Nenni.
Over the time Nenni got friends. Nenni loved her mother and all the humans around her but Nenni’s mom understood that she also needed friends of her own kind. A bear, an elephant and several more bunnies. They all are unique and have their own personalities. Nenni was happy and her mother was even happier as she had found her true calling.
Nenni & Friends was founded in 2018 in Seinäjoki, in the Southern Ostrobotnia region of Finland. Nenni’s mom Jenni Kurki is an artist and a perfectionist with a profound love for all things cute. Her mission is to spread happiness through her work. We all need a little bit more cuteness and happiness in our lives she claims.  
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