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Our grandfather started his career as a market trader and through his resilience he expanded into the shoe selling. My father followed in my grandfather's footsteps and we children got a chance to be a part of the company already at a young age.  My passion to entrepreneurship dates back to childhood. Many lovely moments were spent at the back office by trying out all the new arrivals. The scent and the feel of high-quality leather still reminds me of those days of my childhood. The lifestyle of an entrepreneur was even seen in our playing; the sewing machine mourned and sometimes I went to sell the products from door to door in our neigbourhood. My father died at a young age, and he left behind a heritage of valuing the customer as well as a strong confidence and courage to build something of our own. Since then, I and my siblings have been united and we stand together.

Mother's family of artists and teachers inspired me to study fine arts. The most inspiring moments were when I was able to create freely. An extensive knowledge of materials remained waiting for the future. The career as a Teacher of Fine Arts was tempting, until the pieces fell into place at Aalto University Protomo course in 2013. The bubbling creativity refined into products. Products that are down to earth, simple in their design and made of genuine natural materials. The beginning of Miiko was boosted with the enthusiasm and a strong belief in my own doings. New steps were taken humbly but firmly. The success of Miiko began to need the talented siblings of mine, and each of them has an important role to play.

"Made in Finland" –has been the core value since the very beginning. We would not be here without our professional Finnish partners and subcontractors. High-quality materials, design and professional manufacturers have opened a great path. We want to continue to provide quality products and redeem our place in Finnish design branch and entrepreneurship in our family chain.

Sanna Paakki
Designer, CEO 
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