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Vilikkala Home Bags are light and durable multipurpose bags suited for your home and garden. 
The felt material used in bags are made of 100% recycled plastic beverage bottles (PET). Synthetic recycled plastic grains are made into felt by needling. The material is breathable, dust- free, and durable for variety of uses. The felt is very sunlight resistant, as the material has UV protection.
The Home bags can be used for a nearly unlimited number of applications, for example carrying logs
and setting them by the fire, keeping your clothes fresh, storing important items on shelves and, if necessary, for moving items from one place to another with ease.
You can also use these bags as a grown bags. Felt bags have been tested as grow bags. Felt binds roots and prevents them from circulating as they do in pots. This enables a dense and viable root stock. Felt is also breathable and balances the humidity in the bag. The bag is particularly well suited for a greenhouse as part of the the watering system. Plants such as tomatoes and herbs, as well as summer flowers, can be planted directly into the bags. Plants like callunas can be kept in the bag through the winter, as the bag does not break in subzero temperatures. Felt lets water through. When using the bags as grow bags, we recommend paying attention to the base. The bag will last as a grow bag for several years.
Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy is founded in 2015 and owned by Hannu Tuomola and Jari Toivonen.
Vilikkala is a small idyllic village in south Finland and represents the location and way of life, where country living means opportunities for prosperous life. Leading idea of our company is to offer our customers multipurpose, Eco-friendly felt bags. “Kotisäkki” is a registered trademarks of Vilikkala Tradehouse Oy.
Our products have been manufactured since 2014 in a sewing plant in Xiamen, China. We meet with mutual production contact persons and develop production together. Visits are an important part of managing business risks. We operate on the basis of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Amfori corporate responsibility system.

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