The Prinsessa (Princess in Finnish) is a small but tough way to bring light into your home. This candleholder will definitely not stay in the shadows. It can take the heat, but also does well in the dark, as well as in drafty, cold and high places, holding its brightly colored head up high, wearing its signature bead wreath.

That’s just how princesses are: they’re strong enough to withstand the small challenges everyday life throws at them.

The Prinsessa candleholder is a beloved member of the royal candleholder family.

Prinsessa is perfect for both straight candles and tealights, as is only fit for a royal lady.


Prinsessa is made of wood-birch and maple. The candle cup is made of metal.

It comes with single wreath made of wooden beads.

Suitable for both tealight and straight candles

Perfect gift!

Designer: Pauliina Aarikka

Handmade in Finland


Color: wood, black and pink 

Size: Height 2.1", Ø 2.4"


AARIKKA Prinsessa candleholder