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These beautiful trays are a versatile utility item for kitchen and other interior decorations. The size is ideal as a breakfast tray for one or two people, or when you want to take a hot cup with you to the sofa. Also use as a beautiful serving tray in the table setting, and after the use, lift it against the kitchen wall as decoration.


The size of the trays are about 20×27 cm

Total height is 1 cm and the thickness of the material is 2.5 mm. The main material of the product is Finnish forest certified (FSC) birch veneer.

The coating handles the hot mugs, plates and a common chemicals needed in the kitchen.

The color of the back side is white.

Hand washing and don't leave it soaking in water for a long time, as the wood material absorb water.

Ester Visual tray, 20x27cm


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