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This table-sized spruce creates a peaceful atmosphere around it.

Spruce is delivered in a flat package and is assembled from ten parts according to the illustrated instructions in the package. Assembly starts at the bottom and lastly, the treetop is pressed into place as a crown.


Material: Eco-friendly, made in Finland from the highest Finnish quality birch plywood, certified by the Program for the Endorsement of the Forest Certification (PEFC). The PEFC is the world's largest forest certification system seeking to transform the way forests are managed globally and locally - to ensure that all of us can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer.  Since 2009 Lovi has planted and donated over 115,000 trees to support reforestation efforts.


Hand painted with water based, non-toxic toy paint. Natural wood material is seen through the thin paint layer.

Plastic free.

Easy to send, flat package. Illustrated instructions inside the package. Patented.

Design: Anne Paso

Lovi spruce, 25cm


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