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Jemma is Finnish and means "stash."

It is a perfect way to carry everyday belongings with you, where ever you go. There's nothing extra in this minimalist leather bag and yet everything you need. The bag is spacious in use, there are no separate pockets inside. Maxi Jemma is simply closed with a flap without a zipper or stash (both sides of the bag equal). The flap has enough length, the goods travel safely and yet the bag is easy to use. By removing the strap, you can carry it under your arm or in your hand as a clutch.


Bags are sewn with by Finnish professionals from elk leather. The simple design of the bags leaves the stage for the unique material. The leather bag feels soft and natural and stays with you for a long time. Maxi Jemma brings the magic of the forest for your every day.

Maxi Jemma bag is a unique gift for a woman who loves the minimalist Nordic design and high-quality, sustainable materials. It is a beautiful gift that brings happiness for every day of the year.


The leather we use comes from free elks roaming in the forests of the Nordic countries. The elks are not hunted because of the leather, the leather is a side product of thinning of the elk population, imposed by the government.

As a material, elk leather is soft, authentic and sustainable. The quality of the leather stays good year after year.


Size: height approx. 9", flap height 5", width 10.5"

MIIKO Maxi Jemma bag, brown


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