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Droplets necklace -The design is based on Valona’s classic Drop, yet now in this unique petite form. The abundant design might seem weighty at first yet is feather-light to wear due to the plywood material.


The wooden droplets are made from Finnish sustainably sourced birch plywood, which makes the jewellery an ecological choice, for example as a gift. The chain is nickel-free metal and its length is 28.35 inch. Due to the long chain, the wooden part of the pendant sits quite low – either above or below the chest, depending on the wearer.


The Drop collection represents Valona’s award-winning zero waste design, resulting in very little material waste.


Measurements: 28.35 inch long


Colors: black, wood, red/pink, blue/turquoise

VALONA Droplets wood necklace

$39.00 Regular Price
$23.40Sale Price

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