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Triple the Tulips!

In these earrings, three tulip heads form a beautiful columnar shape. The Tulip earrings are guaranteed to catch the eye. They are perfect for festive outfits, but also for everyday wear for the lover of bold jewelryry. Despite their size and composition, they are very light to wear.

Wood-rose-burgundy combines the sweetest shades of a summer evening. Wood is the natural shade of birch plywood, rose a powdery pink and burgundy a deep, dark red.


The wooden parts are made entirely from Finnish birch plywood and hand-dyed using a technique that preserves the wood’s beautiful and vibrant surface even under colour. The hooks are silver.


The Tulip collection is designed by Elina Mäntylä.


Size: lenght 3.08 inch, width 0.67 inch

Valona Tulip earring, wood-burgundy-pink

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